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Cynthia Edith Haworth

My Counselling would be of value to clients wanting to look at their life differently. Wanting to make changes for example in how to overcome ANXIETY. COUPLES Counselling, by not taking each other for granted. CHANGING how we look at things can make a difference. I also specialise in grief and loss and especially pet grief. SPECIALISING IN LOSING A SPECIAL ONE this can be a friend, a pet, or a loved one such as a husband, wife or lover.
My many years experience is from the many losses I have personally experienced over the years, including parents, husband, a missing daughter and finding her after 20 years. Loss of my beloved pets. I can empathize and understand from these experiences. Its a privilege to help you and bring your happiness back.
Grief and loss especially pet grief but loss can come in many other ways. Even leaving a job or country or a special friend or lover, husband or wife. I also specialise in anxiety and how to master anxiety to regain control. ANXIETY CAN COME FROM LOSS starting a new job or study.

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